Social Media Marketing

Many experts agree that social media can have significant impact on the bottom line of your business. Becuase so many people are using websites like Facebook and Twitter businesses have an opportunity to be in the place people are conversing daily. People are spending enormous amounts of time on these websites and they are consuming information, chatting with friends and family and conveniently letting others know about some of their problems your business might be able to solve.

When you have a strong social media presence you become top of mind as a solution that people can find, or be referred to. You have a very natural way to capture prospect’s attention and deliver different types of marketing messages that lead to more sales. Content marketing to deliver useful information, reputation marketing to reinforce trust and product or service marketing to offer attractive deals and solutions to your customer’s unique problems.

If you are a business owner that simply doesn’t have the time to post updates at regular intervals, or you haven’t been shown a proven strategy to succeed with social media, we are here to help. We have used these tactics to help hundreds of business drive more traffic and ultimately increase revenue for their business.

Reputation Management

Your reputation is as good as gold. This simple business concept has been around since business has been around. The basic premise is, do a good job and people will tell other people, this will turn into more business. People tend to trust the word of someone with a personal experience of your business vs. your word or your advertising for your business.

With online review websites like Yelp or Yellowpages, online reviews have become the standard for word of mouth. Although people still talk and tell others of their experience, many are posting their experience online for the whole world to see. This is great news if your business has great customer service, however as you know it can be hard to please everyone all the time.

There are customers that just refuse to be happy, and sometimes they decide to, in some cases unfairly, warn people NOT to do business with you in the form of a bad review. If your business has received a negative review online and someone reads the review, you drastically reduce the likely hood of them becoming a customer.

Luckily there are solutions to overcoming these reviews and actually use them to your advantage.

We are experts at making sure the marketing message gets to your potential customers and part of that is making sure that one or two “bad” reviews won’t hurt your business. We have helped countless businesses fix and achieve a glowing review profile online, and now when people see them, they feel better about doing business with them rather than neutral or even negative.


Search engines have been around since the beginning of the internet. They are the most convenient way to find the information you are looking for. Because of this, there is a natural relationship with customers and businesses.

If you live in NY and you are looking for a new roof for your house, most people now days would go to Google and search the keyword “roofer in NY”, or some variation of that keyword. This triggers Google to find what it feels is the most relevant result and shows you a list of various roofing companies.

Our goal with search engine marketing is to make sure your business is the most relevant result. This means that when someone is searching for your product or service you will be among the first professionals they see. This means you will get more sales and create more revenue for your business.

This is called intent-based search, which means that the person searching is doing so with the full intent of engaging the service they desire. So not only will you experience an increase of business, but the transactions and customer tend to be easier to please as well, simply because they have already bought into the idea.

We have over 4 years experience optimizing websites to appear first in these search engine results pages. We are qualified in numerous ways. We would love to serve you the way we have so many others.